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Code : 159
Price Per Meter : 300,000
Total Price : 309,000,000
Date : 1397/10/09
Visit : 634
Metraj : 0 m
Area : 1030 Square meters
Facilities : Water,Electricity,Gas,Exchange
A Joint land including 412 square meters and 618 square meters with separate one-sheet ownership deeds shall be sold. This area has a stone wall with 2.40 m and an Iran door neighboring two 8-meter alleys. Water, electricity, and gas utility is supplied by meter in a 412-square-meter land because of existence of an old house. Also, there are an eight-month-granted building permit for building in a 618-square-meter area and preliminaries for receiving a 309-million-toman for building ecological houses. Accordingly, for maintaining rectangularity of this land (20 meter  50 meter), both parts shall be sold altogether (1030 square meters and 250 million toman) underprice of the region, without any discount.
Owner : ali norouzi nasab
Tel : 989113332234
Address : khomam
Mobile : 989113332234
Email :