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Code : 153
Price Per Meter : 3,000,000
Total Price : 300,000,000
Date : 1397/10/09
Visit : 651
Metraj : 0 m
Area : 0 Square meters
Room : 2
Floor : 0
Count of floors : 0
Age of building : New building
Count of Phone : 0
Facilities : Water,Electricity,Gas,Ownership document,Cabinets,Hood,Video iPhone,Elevator,Phone
Sale and pre-sale in Anzali Free Zone (Guilan, Iran)
Special, exclusive, and time-limited
Underprice of the region
With Northside and Southside windows, lightening, and air conditioner
Beside Big Commercial Complex of Setareh-shomal and Caspian;
With a 150-meter distance from sea;
In front of recreational and marine complex of Anzali Free Zone (Jafrood), male and female indoor and open swimming area, and traditional restaurants;
With a 200-meter distance from highway; A residential, touristic, and recreational environment; with extensive facilities and the entire document; four-storey buildings; two-unit storeys; 8-unit blocks
Easy access to Big Complex of Caspian both from coast and highway; 70-million loan of Maskan Bank
Both units and blocks are saleable.
We proudly offer high-level inexpensive quality and position in coast of Anzali Free Zone, which are as follows:
Completely separate blocks including 4 storeys each of them with 8 units and each unit with 2 units;
Each unit of the first block has 110-meter space (totally about 880 meter);
Each unit of the second block has 105-meter space (totally about 840 meter);
Each unit of the third block has 95-meter space (totally about 752 meter);
The first and second blocks have the following conditions:
 Nearly 80-percent physical advancement (cases such as stone façade, stairs, elevator, ceramic surface, etc. are erected): approximately 400 million of costs and 210 million of loan payments are predicted;
 Ear condition in north and south sides;
 Two-bedroom apartments; and
 Parking, elevator, warehouse, and sewage treatment.
The third block has the following conditions:
 98-percent physical advancement and almost ready for exploitation;
 Glass cabinets;
 Fashionable plaster and hidden lightening;
 Separate foreign and Iranian toilets;
 Ownership deed;
 A +30-meter Seaside penthouse on the forth storey; and
 70-million loan for units and possibility of building 2 storeys at maximum.
Blocks of 4 storeys are seaside.
By virtue of the region pricing, the price is 3/4 million toman per meter. The first and second storeys have not elevator.
The third and fourth storeys as well as penthouse are seaside. Each meter of fourth storeys can have penthouse. The units have elevator and are seaside.
Owner : ali norouzi nasab
Tel : 989113332234
Address : anzali free
Mobile : 989113332234
Email :